7A Productions

About me

I started filming at the age of 15 in 1991. With the VHS camera of my father I did my first music videos, family and event films. Later on I started cutting digitaly as computers got the power to work on video. After VHS I bought a Mini DV camera - perfect for digital work. The Canon XL1 took me to broadcast quality. A few years later I discoverd DaVinci Resolve from Blackmagic. This took me to get also their Cinema Cameras. From this moment on I record my films in RAW 12bit - cinema quality! I am now equipped with powerful computers and network servers with large harddisk for the huge amount of data from this cameras. To get most of the software and to deliver the best quality, I took several courses for color grading and cutting on DaVinci Resolve. To mention that this software is used on a lot of hollywood films!

Daniel Siebenaller 2021